Hair Growth Tips: 6 Things That Has Been Killing You

Hair growth sure call your attention, yeah! You know as much as I know that we all want that awesome hair even if its not going to reach your bum.

hair growth

The hair is just like a garden that you should tend, weed, water, pamper and nurture. There are so many things you do and don’t do that hinder the growth of the hair. Here are some of the reasons your hair isn’t growing beyond that tiny bun.

1. Hair Growth: Excess Relaxers

hair relaxer

There are powerful chemicals in the content of these relaxers that help in stretching the hair but unfortunately as time goes on they leave residues that weaken, break and deaden the hair follicles thereby retarding hair growth or bringing it to a stand still

2. Hair Growth: Overstretched Hair

hair streched

Tight braids and buns put unnecessary tension on the edges and body of the hair which pulls out the hair from its follicles and make the hair snap due to styling manipulations.

3. Over washing

Your hair is at a disadvantage when you wash it with shampoo every day/week as it strips the hair of its natural oil leaving it dry and brittle and thus making it susceptible to breakage.


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