LADIES! 9 Important Things to Know About Your Private Part

Female’s Private Part is really an awesome part of the body. It brings babies into the world, somehow rebounding to do it all over again. It gives us pleasure and is just generally the core of our womanhood.

female's private part

So it stands to reason that, as a woman, you should be very familiar with the female’s private part. To that end, here are;

9 Important facts every woman should know about female’s private part!

#Limited Eggs

1. Ladies are conceived with a limited measure of eggs. Dissimilar to men, who can deliver sperm until the dairy animals get back home, ladies are conceived with a set measure of eggs. Each lady is conceived with around one million immature eggs (follicles), and just a part of them are ovulated through the span of a lady’s life. CONTINUE ON NEXT PAGE…

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