Seven Ways to Photograph Autistic Child

Since time immemorial, the case of autism has been in existence. While there are lots of speculations on what causes Autism, some doctors think it is genetic. According to research, doctors feel that some people are born with the predisposition to be Autistic. Albeit, this article is about Photographing Autistic Child. A situation that often turns out to be unreal.

Photographing Autistic Child

But everybody love pictures

One of the problems an autistic child encounters comes in terms of being photographed. Photographing autistic child has proven in time past, to be very difficult. They can have a hard time sitting in one position, or may have sensory issues with bright lights. Are you planning to a family picture and not sure how to handle the needs of photographing your autistic child’s? Below are helpful tips.

Tips for Photographing Autistic Child:

1. Take Pictures Of Them Sleeping

You don’t have to be a professional to be able to photograph your child.  If your child has a hard time sitting still get a picture of them while they are sleeping or when they are unaware of what you are doing. When at home or on outings, ensure you take pictures of your child.

2. Alert Your Photographer

When using a professional photographer, make sure you let the photographer know ahead of time that your child is Autistic. Always inquire from your child and alert the photographer of any issues with bright lights, or problems sitting still. This will make the child more relaxed while allowing the photographer do a good job.

3. Pick A Day Your Child Is More Relaxed

Some days comes with the blues while others come sunny and bright. It is very vital that you understand your child’s emotions on a daily basis. Make appointments when you know your child is not filled with temper tantrums and meltdowns. Not doing so will wear you out, fill your child with more negative feelings about the whole process and the photographer won’t be able to do his/her job.

4. Include Special Toys If Any

Let your child take their special toys along, if any. It will help the child to remain calm while having their pictures taken. If he/she insists on holding the toy, you have no choice than to tell the photographer to include it.

5. Photograph Them In Their Natural Setting

An autistic child might prefer an indoor setting to an outdoor setting. As a parent, always find out what makes your child feel more relaxed. If they insist on an indoor setting, allow the photographer capture them in their natural setting, when they don’t feel pressured to sit a certain way and otherwise.

6. Do Not Apply Force

Do not to force your child into a position they won’t uncomfortable with except you want to have a session filled with emotions. Allow them to direct the photo shoot. Allow your child sit or stand when the rest of the family is sitting a certain way. Their difference makes them special.  If the photographer does not want to cooperate find someone else that will. Pictures of children laughing and playing are as good as any other picture.

7. Dress Them In Comfortable Clothes

Let your autistic child wear clothes that makes him/her feel more relaxed. There is no set rule that says a picture must feature people in formal attires. Have it at the back of your mind that uncomfortable clothing’s can really disturb an Autistic child with sensory issues.


In conclusion, always give the Autistic child time to warm up to the camera. Show them how it works if they have never appeared before a camera before. Ensure you make every photographing experience as calm and relaxing as possible. This way, you will achieve photographing autistic Child. However, if you want to read all my articles? I will be glad you drop comment.

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